Greenfield McClain High School Alumni Directory

Many Greenfield McClain Tiger graduates are beginning to use for their free online alumni directory for network building. Here are a few reasons why:

  • has social features like picture sharing, blog pages and interactive features for our alumni enjoyment.
  • We offer reunion news and event planning tools and resources for our alumni members.
  • We have members that are directly affiliated with the McClain Alumni Association.
  • Our website is free to use at all times.
  • Up-to-date member profiles are made usually within 48 hours of review and submission.
  • We uphold strict bio submission policies to protect the integrity of our alumni directory. is always looking to include and improve on new an useful resources to help others keep in touch with those they built close relationships throughout our tenure at Greenfield McClain High School. We hope you approve and will also partake in community discussions.

Thank you for visiting. Enjoy!!

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