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I was over at Larry Chapmans website reading a blog about his Web Statics for McClain Centennial by viewers from around the world, and that had me kind of curious as to how many viewers we’ve had thus far for 2014.

So far we have had:

  • 17,939 Open Sessions From Around The World
  • Viewers From 101 Countries
  • 11,784 U.S. Viewers
  • 1,372 Ohio Sessions
  • Top Referral Comes From: Facebook
  • Top 3 Search Phrases
    • greenfield mcclain high school
    • greenfield mcclain
    • edward lee mcclain high school

Here is a Map that shows Ohio alone.

Ohio Viewers

We’ve grown approx. 32% over 2013 and we contribute that to site sharing within the social media realm.

Why is this important? It’s encouragement that the efforts put forth to build a community solely for Graduates of the Greenfield McClain High School have a common place to visit to gather information, or find resources about their school, and/or events surrounding our community.

It’s evidence that you no longer have to live in Greenfield to stay in touch. We appreciate you passing the word. Thank you!

World Stats 2014

(Stats provided by Google Analytics)

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