Play Angry Birds Space

Rovio’s “Angry Birds Space” marks a monumental achievement in virtual physics. As a sequel to the original smash hits, “Angry Birds” and “Angry Birds Rio,” this comprehensive puzzle game is the favorite title of an entire generation. With hundreds of levels scattered across over a dozen digital galaxies, this 2012 development has become a universal favorite. During the title’s first 35 days of availability, its downloads exceeded 50 million! Let’s take a deeper look at why the game is so popular:

Gameplay Basics

This “Angry Birds” game follows the same principles of its predecessors by following a horde of foul fowls as they seek revenge on “Bad Piggies.” In each level, you will be given a certain set of birdies to launch at the pigs. By crumbling their architecture and setting off chain reactions, you can defeat the oinking enemies to advance towards the next round. Based on the amount of destruction and number of birds remaining, players will be rewarded between one and three stars. Achieving a perfect rating is key to unlocking bonuses later on. Players launch their birds from a slingshot one by one until their catapulting minions destroy the pigs or run out trying.