Play Chess

Click the piece you want to move, then select the position on the board to move your piece too. (highlighted in green)

While you can read a variety of reviews and recommendations about games and games sites, you can also play games too. One of the most popular we have is the free chess at It is a flash based game that includes a top of the line AI opponent. Choosing to play free chess at can not only be entertaining, it can help you improve your game. Here is a brief overview about how to use our free chess game to get better at your strategy and style in play.

The difference in the AI playing modes

The first thing you will see when the free chess page opens is a question about whether or not you want to play shallow or deep AI. The AI is set to adjust to your style of playing, so you don’t have to choose a challenge level. It is also designed to take maximum advantage of the processing power of your computer. If you bring your mouse over either word you will see a description of what type of processor it is designed for (Pentium II or III). Don’t worry if you don’t know, it’s easy to figure out.